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photo credit: Dax Messett
photo credit: Jon Hazlett

The Applegate is a major tributary of the Rogue River. It flows through a valley flanked by private ranches, farms, and vineyards, all of which limit access and navigability. We are fortunate to have secured boat access to the lower twenty miles of the river. Within that reach, we have a variety of great swing water to dissect. Applegate winter steelhead are typically abundant and respond well to a swung fly. The Applegate offers an exclusive feel and an intimate setting. Our season starts there in mid-February and ends March 31. Given its vicinity to the Upper Rogue, we have the option of fishing the Rogue during that season for a change of scenery or as a back-up plan if the Applegate is unfishable.

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We offer 4-day, 3-night camps on the Lower Klamath River in July and August of each year. The fishing, instruction, and food are legendary! 4 guests with 2 guides in each camp.
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