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photo credit: Gino Bernero

The Klamath River is the third largest drainage in California. While the Klamath provides excellent swing fishing opportunities as it courses its way to the Pacific Ocean, it's the lower Klamath from Weitchpec to Klamath Glen that is the swing fisherman's shangrila.

Beginning at Weitchpec, where the Trinity River merges with the Klamath, the Klamath's gradient lessens dramatically. The twenty miles down river to Jonhsons bar has some very nice swing water that is interspersed with long deep runs. This water, while interesting, really can't compare to the water down stream from Johnsons bar. The Klamath's personality almost magically transforms into the most classically beautiful riffle and run water; rivaling any river we fish. Its boat-only accessibility only adds to the already prevailing sense of a remote destination.

The lower Klamath can be very productive from June through July intercepting spring chinook and early summer steelhead heading up to the Trinity. These summer steelhead, as well as their late summer brethren caught less than twenty miles from the salt, are the quintessential tackle busters. They will get you deep into your backing in the time it takes you to consider giving chase! As August rolls around, river temps warm and the steelhead are found congregating at various cold water springs, likewise, as the water temps cool in the fall the fish are spread throughout the river again.

Like the Rogue, the Klamath River is one of the few watersheds on the west coast that boast a significant half pounder run. These are immature steelhead that have spent roughly three months in the ocean. They return robust and full of themselves, ranging in size from fourteen to twenty inches. They're fun to catch on light 5 or 6 weight switch and spey rods, or going old school with single handers is all a blast. Small traditional flies swung on full floating lines is the ultimate! For the novice, they provide an excellent opportunity for numerous hookups and also to gain a sense and appreciation for what swing fishing is all about.

Some of our Klamath River guide trips are conducted on public lands administered by the Six Rivers National Forest. Confluence Outfitters operates under permit from the Six Rivers National Forest on a non-discriminatory basis.
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