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Steelhead Scandi/Ology
by George Cook & Ryan S. Petzold, 2010

Rivers of the Pacific Northwest pose incredible challenges to Steelhead Enthusiasts who pursue these great gamefish from July through October. Conditions can and will vary with a steady diet of both wind and fly size variance. The need for a focused, specialized spey line has existed for quite some time. Rivers led by the Deschutes of Oregon, along with the Rogue, Cowlitz, Clearwater and Main Stem Snake are prime examples of the need for such as a Northwest focused entry.

The new Rio Steelhead Scandi shooting head is designed for the Spey and Switch rod Steelhead angler’s specific needs, featuring an overall shorter head length coupled with a shorter front taper making it absolutely ideal for casting Steelhead style flies with Spey VersiLeadeers on Northwest Rivers. These heads are based upon designs developed by steelhead guide and outfitter John Hazel. Specific head size options have been carefully designed and fine-tuned for the common rods used by today’s modern Steelhead flyfisher. Line speed coupled with positive turnover is assured through this new taper. Anglers can now step into the Deschutes and proclaim “What wind-No Problem!” Rio’s proprietary XS Technology coupled with Rio’s new Skinny welded loops make these the slickest shooting, easiest use and convertible heads available today.

Sizes Available:
Length Weight
31' 310 gr.
31' 350 gr.
31' 385 gr.
31' 480 gr.
32' 435 gr.
33' 450 gr.
34' * 480 gr.
34' 510 gr.
34' 550 gr
Note that 2 versions of the 480 gr. Head are present, one at 31’ and a second at a slightly longer (34’) version. This being a very popular stretches across many different rod lengths from 12’6” to 13’9”
Rio's Spey Versileaders

These come in 6, 10 and 15 foot lengths (with 10’ being default/most versatile). Floating, 1.5 ips, 2.6 ips, 3.9 ips, 5.6 ips, 7.0 ips. The high floating spey leaders are camo olive in color and are perfect for anchoring when casting with Scandi-style shooting heads, along with providing the utmost in presentation. Sinking leaders provide VersiTip ease of change for varying conditions and water types. Each leader features an ultra smooth welded loop in the butt end, making it easy to connect with base head Skinny welded loops. The Spey VersiLeader/Polyleader concept is the finishing touch of choice with Scandi-style heads. Standard 15’ sink-tips that all or most you have heaps of is the wrong call on this style line. This is not a sales gimmick but rather a demand by design.

Spey VersiLeader Selections

Available in 6, 10 or 15 foot length in complete sets from floating through 7.0 ips. Total of 6 leaders in either 10 or 15 foot lengths, 5 leaders in the 6’ kit (no floater), complete with Rio’s high quality wallet. One stop selection for all conditions makes this the complete VersiLeader kit for any AFS or Steelhead Scandi format line.

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