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Rod & Line Combos:
Six Weights:
Sage Z-Axis 6126
Length: 12' 6"
Sink-tip line: Skagit Flight 400
Scandi line: AFS 360 (5/6)
Note: This is the best 6126 Sage has made yet. It’s light and crisp, perfect for picking apart small water. We prefer it as a Scandi rod, but works fine with a Skagit line for short casts.
Seven Weights:
Sage Z-Axis 7136
Length: 13' 6"
Sink-tip line: Skagit Flight 500 or 525
Scandi line: AFS 460 (7/8)
Note: Best of the Z-Axis series. Definitely guides choice. It’s the most interesting, versatile, and finest casting rod on the market.

Sage TCX 7126
Length: 12' 6"
Sink-tip line: Skagit Flight 525 or 550
Scandi line: AFS 520
Note: The “Deathstar”, as it is known, is the versatile light and fast weapon of choice for anglers looking for a super high performance spey rod. Great steelhead, small salmon, or sea-run Brown stick. We use it year round. The Deathstar has developed a huge following since its introduction fall of ‘09.

Sage VT-2 7130
Length: 13' 0"
Lines: Skagit 650, AFS Shooting Head 8/9 (520)
Cheater: not necessary
Tip Length: 8-15'
Notes: Best of the VT-2 series. It's a Skagit machine.

Anderson Custom Rod 7133
Length: 13' 3"
Lines: Skagit 450, AFS Shooting Head 6/7 (400)
Cheater: not necessary
Tip Length: 8-12'
Notes: A true 7wt, this ACR is perfect for smaller water like the Trinity. Made for light duty tip fishing.
Eight Weights:
Sage Z-Axis 8129
Length: 12' 9"
Lines: Skagit 650, AFS Shooting Head 8/9 (520)
Cheater: not necessary
Tip Length: 10-15'
Notes: Winter steelhead and Kings bring it on! This is the muscle of the bunch. This rod takes no prisoners.

Sage Z-Axis 8134
Length: 13' 4"
Sink-tip line: Skagit Flight 600, 625 or 650
Note: Great winter steelhead or BC rod. Too heavy as a Scandi rod for our region. Skagit line preferences vary with each caster. The more grain weight you apply, the more you feel. This thing is a cannon.
Nine Weights:
Sage Z-Axis 9143
Length: 14' 3"
Sink-tip line: Skagit Flight 650, 675, or 700
Note: Big water stick for. Winter steelhead and BC machine for heavy sink-tips, big flies, and big casts.
We prefer Sage fly rods for their performance, selection, customer service, and commitment to building the finest spey rods. There are other great spey rod builders and designers who also deserve a mention. Read below to view all of our recommended rods.
Rio introduced and started the Skagit line craze a few years ago and most recently the Skagit Flight series. We use and endorse them for their effectiveness, no-nonsense design, and cast-ability. There is no better sink-tip line system on the market. For floating line and light duty work, we like Rio’s AFS Scandi lines. They are the smoothest casting floating lines available on the market today. No custom tweeking or cutting needed. Right out of the box, these lines perform flawlessly when fished with a long leader or versa-leader (like a polyleader or mini sink-tip). Buying Shooting Head Skagit or AFS lines allow you to change out your lines quickly without having to buy an extra spool or reel. Rio makes two different shooting lines, Powerflex Core and Slickshooter. Powerflex core comes in a 3 diameters. We recommend the 0.030" for general steelhead use. It comes pre-looped and is very user friendly. Slickshooter shoots like a rocket but is a little higher maintenance. Contact us for more info.
Choosing a reel is mostly matter of personal preference. A spey reel does need the capacity to hold the line and the ability to balance the rod. A reel too light makes a spey rod “tip heavy” and vice-versa. Balance is key. Consult your local fly shop to select a reel that matches your spey rod.
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